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1. How do I get started? 
Taking the Karsten factory tour located adjacent to our sales center, then view our twenty professionally designed models. We are open 7 days a week.

2. Can I just look at your homes? 
Yes, right here or at our Sales Center! We have an Open Door Policy! You can tour all of our homes without having to listen to a corporate story or having someone pull your credit! All of our homes are unlocked and there is a posted sales price in each one.

3. What type of financing do you offer and how do I qualify? 
Our financial lending process is very simple. We offer FHA, VA, USDA and Conventional loans. We take into account what you budget for, your payment comfort range, and most important we will try to get the lowest interest rate possible for you from a lender of your choice. If you are paying cash a 50% down payment is required to order their home. The balance of the 50% will be due before your home can be scheduled for delivery.

4. Can you give me prices of your homes? 
Yes! All of our homes have Posted Prices inside each home. You can also tour our models on the internet and we can price out the features that you like. All of our homes are built exactly the way that you want!

5. Can you help me find land or a location for my home? 
Yes! We can help you with a land / home transaction. If you have your own existing land then we can use that. If you need to acquire some then our land locating department as well as several realtors will help to find the right property for you and your family. This service is free and will start as soon as you pick out and order your home.

6. When can I move in? 
Typically this process takes 30 - 60 days and involves the completion of the following steps before you can move anything into your new home or get the keys.

  1. Once the set-up and delivery is complete.

  2. All interior work has been completed.

  3. All utilities are hooked up to the home and working.

  4. Homes Direct has been Paid In Full by the lender.

7. Are your homes built to HUD or IRC building codes?
Most of our homes are built to the manufactured housing code developed by HUD (Housing and Urban Development), but we can build to either code in our New Mexico factory.

8. What is the difference between the HUD and IRC codes?
The primary difference in these codes is either IRC (International Residential Code) is a specification code whereas HUD is a performance code. In simple terms, the specification code is a strict requirement for every aspect of construction regardless of climate conditions to location. HUD is a code which states requirements for wind, snow, vertical and horizontal loads, plus other performance criteria and the homes must be engineered and tested to meet these requirements.

9. Which code is better?
In truth, one code is no better than the other from the standpoint of safety, durability or strength of the home. As one example, a 40 pound roof built to the HUD code will perform as well as a 40 pound roof built to the IRC code. The difference is a rafter built to IRC is three times as expensive. Is it better? Not if the home will last as long and be just as safe.


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